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WBI Climate Change Practice e-Bulletin March 2011
  Mar 31, 2011

Dear WBICC e-Bulletin Readers,

It is our pleasure to introduce this issue of the World Bank Institute Climate Change (WBICC) Practice e-Bulletin. In the editorial article of this issue, our new Manager Neeraj Prasad describes the emerging agenda for the WBI Climate Change Practice, and our efforts to provide timely and topical support for propagating knowledge about climate change consistent with the signals from the climate change negotiations.

In this context, we have started to restructure our areas of work into new pillars that will support us in flexibly addressing the emerging priorities. In terms of communication, you may hence experience some changes to the names of our programs - one such change is the introduction of a new program name on Agriculture, Soil, and Forests. Also, the Cities and Climate Change, and Innovation in Carbon Finance program names will eventually change to better reflect our current work program.

This e-Bulletin also includes among others voices from the Carbon Expo and Africa Carbon Forum in 2010 - and this is also a good time to draw your attention to the 2011 editions of these two events: the Carbon Expo will take place in June, in Barcelona, Spain and the Africa Carbon Forum in July, in Marrakech, Morocco.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our e-Bulletin and look forward to your feedback,

WBI Climate Change Practice -
Editorial Article by Neeraj Prasad, Manager, WBI Climate Change Practice
Launch of Climate Practitioner Network in Latin America
Youth Leaders Training of Trainers; Nairobi, Kenya; February 22-25, 2011
Africa Carbon Forum 2010: Ideas to reduce carbon emissions
WBI at Carbon Expo: Impressions from Cologne 2010 - See you in Barcelona 2011
Cities and Climate Change
We have been working on developing the Cities and Climate Change e-course, which is expected to be launched in July 2011. Recent missions to Jakarta and Quezon City have further advanced work on the Carbon Finance Capacity Building (CFCB) program, and preparation work has begun for the CFCB workshop at the C40 Summit to be held in São Paulo in early June.
Innovation in Carbon Finance
The program team is busy with preparations for two major events: the Global Carbon Expo in Barcelona, Spain, in June; and the Africa Carbon Forum in Marrakech, Morocco, in July. In late March, a region-wide Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) was launched in Costa Rica, and our new CDM Program of Activities e-learning course was successfully piloted in February, with 125 participants already.
Agriculture, Soil, and Forests
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